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Quinnton Radley Tom



A grandson, a son, a brother, a father, an uncle, a cousin to many. Quinnton’s love was demonstrated in ways people sometimes questioned but without a doubt he would defend and protect the ones he loved and those that were threatened with a ferocity not to be matched.


Quinnton’s love of the outdoors and his ability to hunt and fish was his greatest strength and his gift to those in greater need. 

Quinnton loved his sports, either as a team mate, competitor or as an observer - he strived to be the best and was very knowledgeable about the games. These were challenges he welcomed and was able to overcome with ease.


Quinnton loved to laugh and his smile radiated with others, his loud voice resonated with others as well and those not use to him would sometimes feel intimidated. But if you ever got the chance to know him you would find someone with compassion, true unconditional love and caring.


Quinnton had a close relationship with his Uncles Jako and Brian McArthur, Vincent Jr and Alexander Mckinnon. There wasn’t a time when he would be with his Fort St James Family, that he was alone. His relationship with his extended family from Burns Lake was close and he had a long and ever lasting impact on them all. His relationship with the Bouchard/Winacott side of the family was brief but unforgettable.  The boys had the joys of playing street hockey with NHL players (Niedemayers) and numerous trips to grandma and grandpas place in Montana.  They loved the amusement park where Quinnton was the only brave one to ride the wooden roller coaster at Silverwood Park.  His laughter was contagious and will be forever cherished by the family.


As a young man growing up, Quinnton’s love for the outdoors was evident. If there was school to go to, he would resist, but a hunting or fishing trip – he was right there.


Thoughts to leave you with:


This is an unimaginably difficult river to cross and a circumstance that nobody who has not gone through it can begin to comprehend.

Quinnton has come through great difficulties and challenges over the years, for those that really truly cared you can take some comfort in the knowledge that you have done everything you could have done.  Rest and resolution do not always come in the shape we would choose, but I believe that in the long run we do come to understand some of the why’s. 


I really want to believe that the valued grandchildren that Quinnton left us are in your thoughts and prayers and if they ever reach out to you that you will be there.   


Our Quinnton will not be holding a hockey stick, or a fishing rod, a baseball bat or a rifle – what he will be holding is our hearts as he returns to his forever hunting grounds.

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